...alle Infos, um selbstständig deine Vorsorge und den Vermögensaufbau in die Hand zu nehmen. Damit du mehr Zeit für die wichtigen Dinge im Leben hast.


An Austrian in the financial hinterland

In the back country of the mountains there is no financial music. That should change! What do Habsburg nostalgia, Salzburg nockerl and Mozart have in common? Size, taste and money. Above all money. The nobility squanders the glittering guilder, good food costs and Mozart invested in his musical career.

But what’s going on in Schnitzelland? We Austrians save as diligently as our German neighbours, but we don’t really care about a solid financial education. Shouldn’t we know better?

“Bella gerant alii, tu felix Austria nube.” “War may be waged by others, you, happy Austria, marry.” That’s the Habsburg slogan. That doesn’t help us any more today with our personal financial administration. Everyone has to go to war today. Into the daily financial war. That consists of unlucky terms such as KGV, volatility or net yield. Also with insurances, savings books and the financial investment one must fight oneself around. There the local Hackler loses fast the desire at the financial management. And let’s be honest, it’s damned unsexy to file notes in large folders, use Excel and talk about the stock market. For a long time that was also repugnant to me. That has changed, for good reason!

denkfabrik.rocks – The Schnitzelland blogger for everyone

Behind the blog is a simple mission: to bring financial education to the people, to build up a fortune in the long run, to learn by yourself and of course the most important thing: to make life easier. But who actually wants that?


My name is Johannes, I grew up in Salzburg, went to school, then successfully broke off college, made a trip to the army, completed my training as a multimedia merchant, made up for my Matura/Abitur (A-Levels) and studied history. Now enrolled in the Master’s program and also studying business administration. According to the motto: “Study’ something meaningful…”I can also call a small but fine advertising agency my own. Believe me, it’s great!

Attention, now it becomes philosophical. The name “denkfabrik” stands for continuous thinking about money, which results in the slogan “think richly”. Thinking on the blog, realizing in real life. The rocks originally provided the ultimate freshness factor……but rocks can also mean rocks, rocks and pebbles. A perfect metaphor for the Austrian mountain flair. This brings us to the funny blue lines above the name. Blitzgneiser has already understood it: It’s a mountain. But the logo also describes changing financial situations.

What can I offer you?

Well, you know my mission. But finances… that’s an extremely dry topic, isn’t it? It’s all a question of perspective. Beside simple descriptions I can lead a weapon against it into the field: Humor. Let’s hope that it works like this, to make the investments and everything that goes with them a little more interesting.

Besides regular contributions there is a “Money Challenge” where you can test your discipline. Under “Books” you can read what I’ve already read about money, investing and everyday stock market events. Maybe there is something for you.

In addition I offer further information or dubbed contributions on my Youtube channel. You can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date.

What can I not offer you?

“Courage to fill a gap,” said a wise man. In the right handling of money this can be expensive. So I don’t make any recommendations on how you should manage and invest your money, but only if you give me advice on how I would do it. Because nobody is perfect, especially not at the stock exchange.

You’ll also find subjective information about a topic here. That is, it is a perspective you can take. I’m not a guru, clairvoyant or omniscient, and I don’t want to be at all. Also for this reason there is a comment function for additions, hints and criticism. Other financial bloggers and experts can provide new insights.

You won’t find a quick way to wealth here. The blog is based on the stock strategy, which is long-term and not short-term. The focus is on sustainable asset accumulation.

That’s it!

Now you know exactly what it is all about. Here you will find thoughts about money. You have to implement them critically (!) yourself. Or also not. It’s best to get the most out of my contributions, evaluate whether it suits you and inform yourself best somewhere else. Like in a price comparison.

How would Columbus finish? Probably with “on to new shores”. And we? Maybe with “think yourself rich”. Now it’s your turn.

I wish you much fun and success.